Saturday, October 3, 2009

New domain/blog name!

The benefits of gaining new friends = gaining new insight, ideas, and expertise.

Thus, I can thank Joe, Rudy, and AJ (but mostly Joe) for my new name: Right Up Your Aly. (Haha, get it? My name is Aly.)

Here's the new domain:

Stay tuned! I shall be gifted with a new layout in a couple months. Hooray HTML!


Ryan said...

I demand cake!

Ancalime said...

Hey Aly-

Dropping by from an email forward from the Townhouse Community. You have delicious-looking stuff here; I think I'll try the balsamic eggplant/zucchini sometime in the near future.

If I may make a suggestion, it would be really interesting to know the cultural/historical background of the more "signature" dishes you play with. Also the photography's great, but more "in process" shots would help out those of us that are more visual.

Thanks for the dedication to yummy (and mostly nutritious) things! :)