Thursday, October 2, 2008

Beginning with Cookies

Of course, no one will be reading this (at least for a while) until perhaps my blog gains more notoriety.

However, as this is a new blog, I believe it deserves some sort of post. I s'pose I shall tell the non-existent audience a little bit about myself.

I am just finishing the tail-end of high school and am prepared to enter the college world to study nutrition. Why nutrition? Well, I am very intrigued by how food can both harm and help one's well-being. I also have a love affair with cooking and am absolutely obsessed with trying new recipes and perfecting my favorites. Hence, I decided to make a blog about food.

In most recipes that I try, I tend to substitute in my own "improvements" that cater to my taste. Very often these additions are extremely well-received by others that try my cooking, so I want to share my greatest successes with the world (or anyone who cares to read).

Let's start off with a recent success:
"Nutella" Cookies with White Chocolate Chips: