Friday, April 20, 2012

Potato "Lasagna"

The farmers' market is officially back in business in Ithaca and already has a plethora of spring vegetables. This means that I have to be extra creative with my cooking to take advantage of the season's bounty. Last week I bought farm-fresh eggs (with the brightest orange yolks you have ever seen), a bunch of kale, arugula, a couple pounds of yukon gold potatoes, and some spicy goat sausage (yum!).

After the excitement of this vegetable purchase, I wanted to find a way to showcase the beautiful yukon gold potatoes. I thought about slicing the potatoes and making some sort of gratin, but I didn't have any ingredients to make this delicious dish. I did have some spicy diavolo sauce on hand and some parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, so I played with the idea of making a potato "lasagna."

It's a very simple dish that requires ingredients you will likely already have on hand, and it was a delicious side-dish paired with the goat sausage and strawberry arugula salad that I made. If you need a simple, filling side-dish only using panty and fridge staples, then this potato "lasagna" is a great choice.